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How are you doing?
And May Krampus Bless Us, Everyone.

    “In May 1968 my mother killed herself. (She left no note.)”


    It is December 1980. Regan was elected President of the United States last month and Thatcher closes out her second year as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. In the pop charts, Kenny Roger’s Lady is booted out of it’s number one spot after six weeks on December 21st by John Lennon’s (Just Like) Starting Over. The top three songs of the year are Blondie’s Call Me, Olivia Newton-John’s Magic, and (somehow in between them) Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2). In comics, after a relatively uneventful year (with notable exceptions being Amazing Spider-Man #200 and Avengers #200 in which Spider-Man faced off against the burglar who murdered Uncle Ben and Ms. Marvel got raped respectively) Raw #2 was released. Within this underground magazine, contained the first chapter of Maus by Art Spiegelman.


    It is November 1, 2014 and I’ve started to read Maus again. The opening pages are of our “Nick Caraway” remembering a moment from his childhood. If you bought into the hype, you would see this moment as being a metaphor for the Holocaust. But then, that’s just hype. This story isn’t about the Holocaust.


    It is December 1, 1986, the fourth issue of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s Watchmen has just been released in stores. Structurally, it’s an achronological recollection of the past by a man who is alone with his thoughts. His memories are framed with “It is (date).” There is a sense of death in the air.


    It is August 18, 1982. Vladek Speigelman has died. Five years later, in February, his son Art began working on a page of the comic. The page consists of a man alone with his thoughts. His thoughts being of the past. They are framed with when they occurred. There is a stench of death in the air, although that could be from the bodies. Afterwards, reporters come in asking our dear writer questions. About how Germans should feel, about what the book is about, about marketing his vest. It becomes overwhelming and he begins to cry for his mom, like a child. The vultures vanish like the thoughts they were. Art heads off to see his therapist, another survivor of the Holocaust, but that isn’t what they talk about. They talk about Vladek. The subject of the Holocaust is used to discuss Art’s feelings of inadequacy and the possibility of Vladek’s survivor’s guilt. When Art returns home, feeling better, he listens to the recording he made of his converstions with his father and is startled by them. He does not react to any horrifying image about the death, but rather to his own reaction to his father not talking about the death. Mainly by shouting at him to “TELL ME ABOUT AUSCHWITZ!” There can be only one conclusion from all of this: this isn’t a story about the Holocaust. It’s about the relationship between a father and a son. This is supported by other sections of the book such as the majority of it being the framing device instead of the narrative, and a sequence in which we read a comic written by Art from years ago about his mother’s suicide and how it made him feel.


    It’s some time in 1991 (no date can be found, so let’s use November). It’s been exactly one year since Thatcher has not been the Prime Minister, and over two since Regan finished his time. The President right now is George H. W. Bush and the Prime Minister is John Major. In the pop charts, Karyn White’s Romantic is taken off the number one spot by Prince’s Cream which itself is taken down by Michael Bolton’s When a Man Loves a Woman which mercifully lasts only a week and is replaced by P.M. Dawn’s Set Adrift on Memory Bliss. In comics, aside from the last chapter of Maus being released in trade format, not much happens.


    Despite it being November 10th, 2014, I still feel the aftershocks of the 80’s. And that is what my final is about: Maus and the stories of the 80’s.


    “Vladek died of congestive heart failure on August 18, 1982…”

How are you doing?


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